No 1 About Dream Stone

This is a stone about a dream. You can make your dream come true:

  • Each issue of game will set up a game countdown and the total number of DREAM STONES
  • Users can purchase to generate the corresponding lucky number(s).
  • At the end of the countdown, a winning number will be generated according to the rules.
  • Only one user who match this winning number can get all the BSVs in the jackpot.
  • If no one wins, the Jackpot will be put in the next issue
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No 2generation of winning numbers:

The end of each issue's countdown ,we will generate the final luck number base on the following formula:

  • Total number of stone in the issue as N
  • The BSV height of the first output as O and transactions as T at the end of the countdown
  • Find the remainder M=O*T%N
  • Luck Number is M to base-26 (A-Z)
  • Example : If the countdown deadline is 2019-07-27 00:00:00,total number of stone in the issue is 1500, then the winning number generated is 752 and to base-26 (A-Z), the finally winning number is BCY !
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